Team Management


With Team, you can invite your teammates to manage all projects and versions on the same App Upgrade dashboard.

This feature is an exciting addition to improve your work-flow, boost productivity, and enable collaboration for your team on App Upgrade.

There are two different roles in a Team: Owner and Member. As a team owner, you can invite your team members to your team. Once joined they will be able to manage your team's projects.

Here are some more details of the Team’s roles:

  • Owner: This is the account that created the team. The owner has full permission. The owner account manages Billings and pays for the subscription plan of the team.
  • Member: The member role is invited by the owner. Members can manage projects and versions and can invite/remove other members.

By default, a default team is created for every user. The User will be default owner for this team.

For effectively managing your team and using the team features please refer following sections.

  1. Inviting a team member
  2. Removing a team member
  3. Joining a Team
  4. Switching between Teams
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