Getting started with App Upgrade.

To get started create your account in App Upgrade and signin. Once you have successfully signed in to the App Upgrade start by creating your first project.

Creating Project

App Upgrade uses Projects to give you a workspace for each of your apps. Within a project you can create as many versions you want and manage them.

Assuming once you have done signing up and you are logged in to the app. You will be welcomed with the following screen.

Create Project-Empty Screen

Click on the +New Project button to create a new project. Provide a proper Name and Description for your project.

Create Project-Form Screen

Click on the Submit button and the project will be created.

Create Project-Project Screen

Creating Version

Version is the record you create to make an app marked for the upgrade. Let's say in your project you have an app Wallpaper App. You have launched a new and improved version 1.0.1 with some fixes, and now the old app 1.0.0 is no longer working because you have breaking API changes.

If you had already integrated the App Upgrade solution in 1.0.0 and new app version 1.0.1 is live on play store or app store. You can force users who are using 1.0.0 to upgrade to 1.0.1 by creating a new version entry for 1.0.0

Click on the Versions -> button and you will be seeing an empty version page.

Create Version-Empty Screen

Click on the +New Version button to create a new app version marked for the upgrade.

Create Version-Form Screen

Provide the following details.

  • App Name: Name of the App
  • App Version: Version of the app you want to mark for the update. For example, 1.0.0 // This is the version you want the user to force upgrade to a newer version.
  • Platform: App platform example: android or iOS
  • Environment: The environment in which the app is running example: development, staging, or production
  • Message: An optional message which you want to show to the user when user will be alerted for the force update.
  • Force upgrade: Boolean flag if selected means this is going to be a force upgrade. If not selected indicates it's not a force upgrade.

After providing the value click on the Submit button and the version will be created.

Create Version-Version Screen

Get the x-api-key for your project

In the versions page you can click on the x-api-key to get the x-api-key for your project. Alternatively you can also get the x-api-key by clicking from projects->API key

API key is required for integration with App Upgrade. Each project has it's own API key.

Project API Key

In the next chapter let's take look at how you can integrate your app with App Upgrade. Integration with App Upgrade

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