Aug 31, 2023

Faster version checks with Multi-Region Update Delivery Network

Faster version checks with Multi-Region Update Delivery Network

At App Upgrade, performance and reliability are extremely important to us. Our customers rely on us to accurately deliver version checks and updates for their apps, driving us to consistently explore ways for advancing our infrastructure.

We are thrilled to announce that App Upgrade has expanded its infrastructure by adding two new data centers in the Asia-Pacific (Singapore) and Europe (Frankfurt) regions. With these new data centers, the entire App Upgrade experience is set to be turbocharged. The impact? Faster version checks for both our robust APIs and client SDKs, all on a global scale.

Global Update Delivery Network

Now App Upgrade has data centers in:

  • US (North Virginia)
  • Europe (Frankfurt)
  • Asia-Pacific (Singapore)

The expansion of our infrastructure brings forth an intelligent approach to version checks and together forms a Global Update Delivery Network. Depending on the geographical location of the app, the version check is dynamically directed to the data center that promises the most optimal performance.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Low Latency: This means smoother and quicker version checks, translating to an even better user experience.
  • Increased resilience: In case of any disruption in one region, our multi-region infrastructure ensures that your app can still check for version updates, guaranteeing maximum uptime.

How we reduced latency times?

Prior to these new data center additions, the primary App Upgrade data center was located in Northern Virginia (AWS us-east-1), meaning users, regardless of where they were in the world, had to pay the cost for networking delays to connect to Virginia. So, we set out to reduce latency times for those users by setting up data centers in Asia-Pacific and Europe regions.

To reduce latency and speed up delivery, a solution is to minimize the physical space between data and customers. Thus, we've established new points of presence near our users in Asia-Pacific and Europe. This effectively trims the time it takes for clients to retrieve the initial data load. The results have been significant.

If you use one of our client-side SDKs or our API, you will start getting benefitted from the speed increase! We'd love to hear from you if you're seeing benefits for your team.

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