Aug 21, 2023

Introducing Custom Attributes - Unlocking new use-cases and possibilites

Introducing Custom Attributes - Unlocking new use-cases and possibilites

We are thrilled to announce the release of Custom Attributes in App Upgrade. This will unlock new use-cases and possibilites. You can now define, experiment and target specific versions for update based on custom attributes that are unique and suited for your business use-case.

This is more than just a new feature, it represents a fundamental advancement in way we update our apps. Through custom attributes, we've elevated the very essence of our mission—to empower all teams to effectively deliver, inovate and update their apps.

Next Level Unlocked.

Beyond just updating your apps by default attributes like app version, app platform etc. We are unlocking next level when it's come to updating your apps. Now you can use any arbitary custom attributes that you can define and update your apps by those custom attributes.

What are Custom Attributes?

Instead of introduing new fields for example: update by android version or build number, we thought to come up with generic solution which is scalable and can adopt to our customer's diverse use cases and needs. App Upgrade now allows you to target app's for update based on arbitrary custom attributes, which means you can control who gets upgrade popup based on any criteria that you define and control.

Use Cases

Here’s how you can utilize custom attributes to update your apps:

  • Targetting app versions based on android or ios platform version.

    As mobile operating systems evolve, older versions may no longer support certain libraries or internal tools, which can impact the functionality of an app. In scenario like this you can choose to update your apps which are running on older android/ios platform versions.
  • Targetting app versions based on country.

    If you want to update app versions which are running on a specific and update them due to some regulatory changes. You can do this now. Instead of updating all of the app versions you can just choose to update the app version from the specific country.
  • Targetting app versions based on user group such as beta, premium.

    If you have some bug that affects only a certail user groups such as premium users and you have launched a new version with fixes. You want to update the apps for the premium version. You can do this using custom attributes.

... and many more use-cases and possibilites.

We’re so excited to see how you use custom attributes! This is version update without limits. You can check out the detailed tutorial on how to use Custom Attributes from our Documentation.

Thanks for reading.

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